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Shining 3D FreeScan UEPRO

The UE Pro takes the light weight design and Metrology-Grade accuracy of the FreeScan UE series up to the next level. With improved fine detail scanning and global precision control, the UE Pro allows you to scan objects of any size with extreme precision. This is accomplished by using any combination of 26,5 or 1 blue laser lines and an integrated photogrammetry module. 26 Cross lines are used for rapid scanning of medium to large objects. 5 Parallel lines are used for capturing very high levels of detail in targeted areas or for scanning small parts. Single line mode is used for capturing deep holes and grooves with better success.

FreeScan UE Pro

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Multi-Functional Handheld Laser 3D Scanner

For High Precision Metrology-Grade Inspection

FreeScan Photogrammetry Bars

Capture Large objects while maintaining high levels of accuracy


Combine any scanning mode with the FreeScan UE Pro's built in Photogrammetry to achieve a volumetric accuracy of 0.02mm + 0.015mm/m. 

High detail mode capturing very fine details

(Scan of texture card)

FreeScan UE Pro large object scanning
3D Scan of texture card
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