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Shining 3D FreeScan Combo

Enjoy the metrology grade accuracy and precision the FreeScan series is known for when using laser mode as well as the freedom of geometry tracking using infrared VCSEL structured light scanning

FreeScan Combo

SHINING 3D logo(EN)_CMYK.jpg

Metrology grade hybrid light source 3D Scanning

4 Scanning Modes

26 Cross Laser Lines

7 Parallel Laser Lines

Quickly and accurately perform global scanning of medium and large parts using the 26 Cross laser lines mode

Single Laser Line

Conquer narrow holes and pockets using single line mode. Using optimized algorithms and a narrow FOV getting data in deep pockets and holes as never been easier.

Never miss a fine detail with parallel line mode. Use for filling in fine details on large parts or for very high resolution small part scanning.

Infrared Light Source

No markers needed for feature-rich workpieces. Quickly capture data using the infrared light source

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