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Polyga Carbon 3D Scanner

Flexible field of view for capturing objects of various sizes from physical into digital form.

Flexibility At Your Command

What if you can have a professional 3D scanner that has the power to easily adapt to your scanning needs?


The Polyga Carbon is your answer. While other systems can be restrictive in its ability to only scan similar sized objects, the Polyga Carbon is different. What makes it special is its ability to scan objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing the observable area (field of view or FOV). Get the versatility you need all in one system.

Adjustable Field of View

Polyga Carbon is a tripod-mounted 3D scanning system. You can make the field of view big or small by placing the cameras in different positions on the mount and calibrate the system for accuracy. The Carbon has two preset camera slots while the cameras on the CarbonXL can be positioned anywhere on the mounting rail for added flexibility. The 3D scanner gives you the versatility to scan objects of various sizes.

  1. Inner Camera Mounting Position
    Smaller Field of View for scanning smaller objects
  2. Outer Camera Mounting Position
    Larger Field of View for scanning larger objects

Which Polyga Carbon Model Is Right For You?

The Polyga Carbon series of 3D scanners offer two models with flexible field of view.
Capture Quality Scans In Seconds
Processing Capabilities
Export to Different File Formats
Take digital 3D scans quickly and accurately. Capture 3D scans from all angles of an object to create a full digital 3D model.
Save time by processing 3D scanner data right at the capturing stage with built-in data editing, alignment, and merging capabilities.
The final output can be exported into PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX ready to be imported for use in other software programs.

Scan A Variety Of Objects


The Polyga Carbon systems offer the versatility of scanning a wide range of mechanical parts, objects, and even people (3D scanning body and faces) into full digital 3D models. Carbon 3D scanners are great for applications including:

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Quality Inspection

  • Scientific Measurement

  • 3D Visualization

  • Archiving

  • 3D Printing

Capture More In Less Time

The Polyga Carbon series of 3D scanners capture the full view of an object in about one second. They scan an object without any physical contact. This method guarantees there is no measurement interference.

Powerful 3D Scanning, Post-Processing, and Inspection Tools

Proprietary 3D scanning software FlexScan3D acts as the control center for 3D data capturing and post-processing capabilities to clean up mesh data. It also comes with basic inspection tools for deviation analysis. Do it all inside FlexScan3D without exporting to another software.

How did the HDI Carbon reduce wastes to save on raw material cost?

Challenge: A power plant equipment manufacturer produces large impellers. Stainless steel is an expensive material to waste when the impellers are first produced as castings and then later machined of excessive material to create the finished components.

Solution: HDI Carbon, together with 3D inspection software, helped pinpoint exactly the areas of wastage. The findings empowered the client to take corrective actions that resulted in tremendous material cost savings of approximately $600 USD per component.

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