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eviXscan 3D Quadro+

highest versitility accuracy up to 0.007mm


two scanning ranges

Four Cameras 9 and 12 megapixels

Perfect to measure objects with a wide range of dimensions


Short scanning time


Accuracy certified in accordance with the VDI/VDE Standard

Two scanning ranges are the Quadro+'s most important feature for versatility

Quadro+ replaces the highly successful previous HD Quadro dual band scanner.   It is not just a new version but a compleetly new scanner designed from scratch!

Produces high precision results in all environmental and atmospheric conditions. Designed for continuous operation in industry and production lines under conditions of varying temperatures and lighting. The blue structured light source enables scanning of dark objects in outdoor lighting environments. The sealed, anodized aluminum housing protects the scanner internals against accidental mechanical damage, moisture and dust.


Two scanning ranges are the Quadro+'s most important feature for versatility. They allow both the precise measurement of small parts with very high accuracy and the rapid geometry measurement of large objects. The device's inner range enables objects from 120 to 450 mm in size to be scanned efficiently. In case of the outer range the recommended size of the scanned items is from 250 to 1000 mm. The ability to combine point clouds from the two ranges significantly increases the scanner's range of applications. Quadro+ is very versatile and can be easily integrated with robots and cobots on production lines.


Scan even dark objects

Thanks to a high powered LED Quadro+ can scan dark objects in a short time.  The minimum scan acquisition time is now 1.2 seconds.

New lighter housing

The housing of the new Quadro+ is vacuum cast, making it significantly lighter than previous models.  This enables it to work with more robots and cobots.

Measuring objects of different sizes

Changing the scanning range is done in software and no recalibration is required after changing the range. Having scans from two different Quadro+ scopes, one can combine them using eviXscan 3D Suite 2.8 software. This allows a significant acceleration of work when certain parts of measured objects require scanning at a high resolution, which is not necessary during scanning of other parts.

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