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eviXscan 3D FinePrecision

ensures high precision scanning

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accuracy <0.01 mm

scan time <1s

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ideal for small objects

A tiny scanner with great possibilities

The eviXscan 3D FinePrecision scanner is a device based on the latest generation of high-speed cameras with CMOS sensors and a LED blue light source - the combination of both technologies allows for very accurate reproduction of the scanned surface (accuracy <8 µm, resolution 33 µm), even with dark-surface objects.

The 3D FinePrecision scanner is perfect as a measuring tool for precision mechanics, especially in areas such as the production of turbine blades, microcircuits, small injection parts, as well as precise numerically processed parts. FinePrecision is also used in scanning implants, prosthetics, as well as in the watchmaking and jewelry industry. The precision of the scanner also allows it to be used to optimize the 3D printing process.

Precision 3D scanning in the smallest detail

FinePrecision is an optical measuring device that can be used to collect more than 1200 points per square millimeter of scanned area. A single scan gives the possibility to acquire data in the volume of 120 x 60 x 45 mm3. Thanks to the blue structured light scanning technology the noise on the scans due to ambient light can be significantly minimized. The combination of a new generation of high-speed cameras with the fast frame collection triggered by the projection system allows to reduce the scanning time below 1 second.

Comparison of the details of scans (left: FinePrecision, right: eviXscan 3D scanner with a different design):


High-quality scans of the sharp edge of an object

The small scanning area in combination with the high-resolution cameras allow for the creation of a scanner with an unsurpassed resolution of 0.02 mm (> 1200 points / mm2). These parameters allow the analysis of surface microdamages, dents occurring during the operation of machines and devices, as well as errors in the production process.

Detailed analysis of turbine blades

Control the quality of turbines, blisks, blings or blades with the included airfoil analysis tools. Control X automates the measurement of:

  • airfoil profiles

  • leading and trailing edge position and thickness

  • Camber lines

  • chord angles and lengths

  • 2D twist analysis

Technical specifications:
eviXscan 3D FinePrecision:
Light source type
Blue LED
Number and type of cameras
2 x 8,9Mpix
Scanning time
1 second
Measuring range
120 x 60 x 45 mm
Points density
1233 pt/mm2
<0,006 mm
Computer connection
USB 3.0
Export formats
stl, ply, obj, asc, bin
Hardware requirements
Windows 10 (64-bit),32 GB RAM, CPU i77th generation, SSD NVMe 480 GB
eviXscan 3D Suite
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