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Transforming Physical Objects into Digital Files


Rapidly produce CAD data without

any prior design data.


SCAN to CAD comparison

Verify quality, track wear...

How does it work?

Physical Object

Scan your object. We will help you choose the tool and methodology to achieve the best results.

Point Cloud

You will obtain a collection of Digital 3D coordinates from the scanning process.

Digital 3D Model

You now have a model that can be exported to CAD for modification, or can be printed by a 3D Printer

Don't rely on imprecise tools such as rulers and calipers. Use 3D Scanning to rapidly and accurately measure and digitize your models for reproduction and modification, with repeatable results. Industries across the board use 3D scanning as part of their processes to improve efficiency and product quality. With scanning solutions becoming increasingly versatile and affordable, 3D Scanning is becoming an industry norm.

Our Service Scanners

ue pro image download.jfif

Shining Einscan HX

Blue Laser and LED LIght

Thor Drake

Thor & Drake

3D Scanner Systems

Shining ue PRO Metrology

26+5+1Blue Lasers

20 microns   

Calibry Mini.jpg

Thor3D Calibry


Polyga Compact S1


3D Heavy Duty quadro

Designed for a range of industrial applications, our 3D Scanners provide high-resolution 3D scanning capabilities. From tiny, finely detailed objects to cars and airplane cockpits, we have the right tool for each and every job.


Thor3D Calibry

Polyga HDI Advance

HDI Advance

3D Scanner Systems



And many more... Laser, CMM, Photogrammetry, Metrology

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