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Polyga Inc. is a global leader in 3D scanning research & development with passionate engineers building industrial 3D scanning products for other engineers and professionals since 2016.

Founded in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, making waves in the tech industry with their cutting-edge scanning solutions. From metrology to healthcare to entertainment, Polyga’s expertise and innovative technology is helping clients around the world improve their 3D scanning capabilities and stay ahead of the competition.



Finally, a handheld 3D scanner that delivers high-quality scans comparable to what you can get from stationary 3D scanners.

Now it’s even easier to digitize objects or parts with Polyga’s H3 professional handheld 3D scanner. Leveraging the technology and experience in developing our stationary 3D scanning systems that’s more than 10 years in the making, the H3 produces one of the highest accuracy in a single-shot scan for a handheld system in its class.


S5 Macro

The Compact S5 Macro is an industry ready 3D scanner that enables engineers to digitize parts 1 to 5 centimeters in size at 5 micron accuracy. It generates high-resolution 3D scans in under a second, and comes in a rugged enclosure. Powerful features are accessible through the software SDK (SBSDK) which enables easy integration of the scanner into industrial automation or robotics systems.


S1 Pro & Pro Wide

 The Polyga Compact S1 Professional features professional-grade 3D scanning capabilities at an affordable cost.

Polyga’s Structured Light Scanning Technology and Blue Light Technology consistently delivers high resolution 3D scans with incredible accuracy. No matter the project, whether it’s Reverse Engineering, 3D printing, Dental, or Quality Inspection, the integrated software FlexScan3D enables you to easily process detailed and accurate 3D meshes.



The L6 produces the largest field-of-view out of all the 3D scanners in the Polyga Compact series.



Polyga’s Vision V1 is a high resolution, ultra accurate, high-speed 3D camera for industrial computer vision applications. The V1 is packaged in a rugged enclosure that is ready for integration into your 3D vision application.

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