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The Compact S5 Macro is an industry ready 3D scanner that enables engineers to digitize parts 1 to 5 centimeters in size at 5 micron accuracy. It generates high-resolution 3D scans in under a second, and comes in a rugged enclosure. Powerful features are accessible through the software SDK (SBSDK) which enables easy integration of the scanner into industrial automation or robotics systems.


  • Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering

  • Cultural Heritage Preservation

  • Medical & Dental

  • 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

  • Art & Design

  • Research & Development

  • Education & Training

  • Entertainment & Gaming



Take full control with powerful features like External Trigger support, Locking Connectors, Multi-Sensor Setup, Industrial multi-point mounting options, and software SDK (SBSDK) suite; enabling flexible integration into industrial automation or robotics systems.

Built to last using aluminum alloy with a scratch-resistant finish, the Compact S5 Macro is built for any industrial application that demands durability.

Multi Sensor Setup: Control multiple scanners from a single PC. Easily integrate multiple scanners for an expanded field of view.​

Industrial Mounting Options: Multi-point mounting enables secure attachments for industrial automation such as robotic arms, linear motion and production environments.

Flexible Integration: Tap into the full potential of the scanner using Polyga’s SDK. It’s enables anyone to develop their own scanning app to control any 3D scanners using C/C++/C#.

Colorscan Technology: Capture highly accurate and realistic color textures. Get the accuracy of mono cameras while being able to capture color.

Screenshot 2024-07-05 154225.png

Built For Agility

Software greatly contributes to the overall user experience. The H3 is powered by FlexScan3D 3D scanning engine that powers all Polyga stationary 3D scanners. The software also works seamlessly with the H3.

FlexScan3D’s high-processing speed from capture to post-processing delivers a truly responsive, seamless 3D scanning experience.


Hands-Free Mode

The H3 is a flexible system that can transform into a plug and play stationary 3D scanner. Simply mount the scanner on a tripod and use a optional rotary table for automated 3D scanning. It’s completely handsfree and there’s no need for calibration. Set up the scanner and let the system do all the work for you.

The Polyga H3 pushes the boundaries of what it truly means to be a hybrid 3D scanner. You get even better quality scans in a single scan by converting the H3 into stationary mode compared to handheld mode.


Amazing Color

The Polyga H3 also comes as a color option which is extremely valuable for applications where capturing high-quality color and texture information is important.

Applications where color scans are useful include:

  • Visual effects and gaming for 3D modeling

  • 3D inspection where color correctness of a product is important

  • 3D printing objects in color

  • Documenting and archiving objects in color

  • Capturing design intent of an object for reverse engineering where color information in crucial to the design

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