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Polyga Vision V1

Polyga’s Vision V1 is a high resolution, ultra accurate, high-speed 3D camera for industrial computer vision applications. The V1 is packaged in a rugged enclosure that is ready for integration into your 3D vision application.

Product Description
Technical Specifications

Captures Every Detail

Ultra high resolution 3D point clouds or meshes. The V1 delivers industry leading accuracy and and resolution using our high speed structured light technology. With a depth acuracy of 80 microns and point spacing of 0.6 mm the V1 lets you see and measure the world like never before.

Factory Calibrated

High quality industrial calibration methods for the most accurate results.


Provides up to 4.5 million points every second with an accuracy of up to 80 microns


Captures high quality texture data for critical vision applications.

Easy Integration

Connect to your computer easily over USB 3.0.

Ready To Use

Comes with FlexScan3D(GUI) and a C/C++ SDK.

High Speed Camera

Captures high quality data with framerate of 15 FPS.

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