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EviXscan 3D excels in creating high-quality 3D scanning solutions, including advanced 3D scanners, sophisticated software, and comprehensive 3D scanning services.

Our products, founded on cutting-edge structured light technology, are renowned for their precision, speed, and innovation, designed specifically for demanding applications in reverse engineering, non-contact quality control, and rapid prototyping.


Fine Precision

The eviXscan FinePrecision 3D scanner is an essential measuring tool for precision mechanics sectors. It is particularly beneficial in the manufacturing of turbine blades, microcircuits, and small injection parts, as well as in detailed numerically processed components. Its precision makes it invaluable in the medical field for scanning implants and prosthetics, and it is also used in the watchmaking and jewelry industries to capture intricate details.


Optima +M

The eviXscan 3D Optima+ M integrates current technological advancements to offer reliable, budget-conscious scanning solutions. It utilizes a blue LED light source for consistent, sharp imaging across diverse environments, suitable for extensive industrial applications.

The device features dual 7 Mpix cameras, generating dense data clouds (117 pts/mm²) for meticulous, verifiable scans with precision up to 0.009 mm, aligning with VDI/VDE part 2 accuracy standards. The scanning range is 320 x 190 x 120 mm.



The Quadro+ stands out for its two dynamic scanning ranges, enabling transitions between them without without the need for manual lens changes. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses requiring a flexible solution for products of varying sizes. The internal and external scanning ranges, recommended for details sized 120-450 mm and 250-1000 mm respectively, cater to a broad spectrum of industrial needs, aligning with VDI/VDE part 2 accuracy standards.


WideRange 65

Engineered with high-resolution 8.9 Mpix cameras, the eviXscan WideRange 65 offers a fine point density of 54 pts/mm², ensuring detailed representations even over extensive areas of scanning objects, aligning with VDI/VDE part 2 accuracy standards. The instrument achieves a scanning precision of 0.03 mm, fulfilling the stringent demands for accuracy in complex quality control and engineering analysis.


EviXmatic 2.0

The eviXmatic 2.0, is a cutting-edge automated five-axis 3D scanning system. It allows for precise measuring and quality inspection of objects, significantly reducing the need for manual labor. With the dedicated “Automation” module in the eviXscan 3D Suite software, connecting the device to the scanner is seamless, facilitating efficient workflow integration.

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