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EP-A650 Resin SLA 3D Printing Machine

EP-A650 3D Printer Stereo Lithography is developed by Eplus3D, which is professional in 3D printing technology. The A650 SLA 3D printing machine and resin 3D printing service system are user-friendly with high stability, care-free maintenance, and perfect printing results. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more details about the EP-A650 SLA 3D Printing machine!


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  • Somos ® GP Plus 14122
    White opaque material, similar as ABS and PBT, an ideal choice for automobile, aerospace and consumption products, also can be used in biomedicine, dental and skin applications.
    Somos ® WaterShed XC 11122Transparent material without color, similar as ABS and PBT, with exceptional clarity and high water-resistance, an ideal choice for automobile, medical and consumption products, including lens, packing, fluid flow analysis, concept models, etc.

  • Somos ® PerFORM
    White material, with high heat tolerance, outstanding detail resolution and stiffness, ideal material for a variety of applications including tooling, wind tunnel testing, high temperature testing, electrical casings and automotive housings.
    White material, with good surface effect and ductility, an ideal choice for hand models, functional parts, models, etc.
    Open Platform
    Compatible with standard 355 nm photosensitive resin.

Why choose Eplus3D A650 stereolithography resin 3D Printing

  • Eplus3D stereolithography resin 3D printing stands out as a premier choice for a multitude of reasons, each contributing to its unparalleled performance and versatility in various industries.


  • Accuracy is paramount in manufacturing, and Eplus3D delivers exceptional precision and detail with its advanced stereolithography technology. Whether it's intricate prototypes, complex models, or high-fidelity end-use parts, Eplus3D ensures that every detail is reproduced with utmost fidelity.


  • Eplus3D offers production-grade capabilities, capable of producing robust, durable parts suitable for functional testing and end-use applications. Its reliability and consistency make it a trusted solution for industries demanding high-quality, production-ready components.


  • Material choices further elevate Eplus3D's appeal, with a wide range of resin options catering to diverse needs. From standard resins to specialty formulations with enhanced mechanical, thermal, or aesthetic properties, Eplus3D provides flexibility and versatility to meet the most demanding requirements.


  • Productivity is a key factor in today's fast-paced manufacturing environment, and Eplus3D excels in this aspect with its efficient workflow and rapid production capabilities. Its large build volume and fast print speeds enable swift turnaround times, allowing businesses to accelerate innovation and stay ahead of the competition.


  • Eplus3D stereolithography resin 3D printing offers unmatched accuracy, production-grade performance, extensive material choices, and exceptional productivity, making it the preferred choice for companies seeking superior quality and efficiency in additive manufacturing.

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