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Step into the future of 3D printing with the S500Smart – an entry-level machine that effortlessly combines precision, efficiency, and ease of use. Elevate your production game and turn your ideas into reality with this innovative binder jetting sand 3D printer.


This is an entry-level automatic machine designed for production purposes. It offers support for sand printing and casting applications, catering to the production of small-sized products.

◆ Build Chamber: L 500 × W 450 × H 400 mm (L 19.69 × W17.72 × H 15.75 in)
◆ Build Volume: 90 l
◆ Max Build Rate: up to 14.9 l/h
◆ Layer height: Adjustable from 0.2 – 0.5 mm

s500smart pic.png

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S500Smart: System benefits:

◆ The print head is not easy to clog, auto clean function 
◆ Waterfall type powder feeder can be compatible with multiple sands
◆ Real time slicing and RIP algorithms for layered manufacturing. Can adjust the technological parameter freely 
◆ Independent intellectual property rights, self-developed software 
◆ Achieve precise control over the binder dosage through fine-tuning capabilities.
◆ Integrate the curing agent into the sand seamlessly during operation for enhanced efficiency.

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