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The M150Inno is not just a 3D printer; it's a catalyst for exploration and innovation. Compact, stylish, and powerful, it's the ideal tool for research institutes seeking precision in a small form factor. As an entry-level model for metal binder jetting, it is designed to cater to the research and development needs of universities and institutions, focusing on material exploration, process innovation.and other related areas.


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◆ Compact Design, Easy Operation: The device features a compact internal design with a build box  size of 150mm×70mm×70mm, minimizing its spatial footprint. The straightforward build box extraction allows users to effortlessly clean the powder with a simple one-handed removal, making it ideal for placement in laboratories, production workshops, and similar environments.


◆ Flexible Material Replacement: The equipment supports the flexible replacement of various metal powders. The powder spreading system incorporates three functions: sieving, leveling, and compacting, adapting to powders with poor flowability and low sphericity. A dedicated powder cleaning and recycling system enables quick changes between different types of metal powders, reducing residual powder within the machine.


◆ High Precision and Speed: Utilizing a long-life, high-resolution piezoelectric printhead and precision ball screw guide, the physical resolution of the piezoelectric printhead is 600NPI, achieving a production-grade product accuracy of 1200DPI with a single reciprocation. Additionally, the device features a fast printing speed, requiring only 8 seconds per layer due to its structure similar to production-grade MBJ devices.


◆ High Automation: The device is user-friendly with an intuitive control panel, allowing for easy operation. It operates fully automatically, enabling users to quickly grasp the device's usage methods and operate it with ease.

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