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Admatec 130 Evolution

Featuring the unique capability of 3D printing both advanced ceramics and metals on one system. This technology is ideal for the development and 24/7 digital serial production of functional and aesthetical parts requiring complex geometries, high resolution, fine details, and smooth surface while benefiting from excellent material properties.


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Looking to learn more about the Admatec 130Evolution? Check out our video for an in-depth look at its features and capabilities. From its sleek design to its advanced technology, this watch is the perfect accessory for any tech-savvy individual. Watch now to see it in action

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Reliable High Productivity

The Admaflex 130 Evolution is an open system that provides full control of the printing process. All parameters can be customized and optimized, before and during the printing process, even in one print and/or in part features. You simply change a parameter setting, press Pause and Continue, and the printer will continue with the new settings.
The open software, in combination with excellent visibility of the printing process, is very helpful for fast and effective process optimization, within one print job, saving time and material. To support and speed up your own material development, Admatec provides proven resin premixes, for both ceramics and metals.


  • Save time and material with real-time process parameter adjustment

  • Unlimited research and development freedom

  • Fast feedstock development with Admatec resin premix

  • Open for third party and own materials


Multi-Part Printing

A unique standard software feature is the “multi-part printing”, that enables you to control light exposure settings for each individual layer and for each individual STL file, speeding up your process development. For a faster Design of Experiments, it is possible to print many of the same products but all with diff erent exposure energy (LED power and/or exposure time). This feature is very helpful if you wish to use the overexposure to control tolerances smaller than the pixel resolution.


  • Faster process optimization, faster material/feedstock development

  • Multiple settings in one part or layer possible and multiple parts with different settings possible

  • Optimized DoE studies in one single print job

  • Accuracies smaller than the pixel size

Ceramics & Metals on One Machine

The Admaflex 130 Evolution comes standard with ceramic ánd metal printing capabilities. An integrated high volume automatic mixing system keeps the material in motion, avoiding sedimentation. The Admaflex 130 3D printer is the world’s first stereo lithography based 3D printer to print metals and ceramics in one platform. The Admaflex 130 3D printers built from 2016 to 2022 can be upgraded with an Add-on for printing metals and other heavy powders. 


  • Ceramic and metal printing on one single machine

  • Fast and easy material switch without cross-contamination

  • Maximum flexibility towards choice of materials

  • Access to future upgrades and future developments


In-process monitoring system

The vision-based in-process quality monitoring system is an excellent feature for full traceability of the printing process. All relevant production data are stored in logfiles with documented proof of the printing process. Real-time video capture and time-lapse recording are standard features of the monitoring system. It allows the user for example to partially stop adding layers to a defected product to allow the successful finalization of all remaining parts. When the Admaflex machine is connected via Ethernet to your company network, via any laptop or desktop PC, you can have remote access to the machine and monitor the process realtime. 


  • Documented proof of the printing process

  • Realtime process monitoring and process adjustment

  • Increased throughput and efficiency

  • Enhanced usability with remote access

From design to manufacturing
of functional parts with form freedom

Admatec supplies solutions for 3D printing, debinding and sintering, and provides training to help customers achieve the best results during each step of the process.

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