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Wireless Handheld Scanner

Thor3D is a wireless, hand-held 3D scanner for large and medium objects (1-10m sized) such as humans, cars, yachts or statues. With a touch-screen and a built-in computer and battery, bring this device anywhere your job takes you.

Thor3D has a large field of view, it is wireless and hand-held. This means that you can take this 3D scanner in your hand, walk around the object and digitize it in minutes. It’s like using a video camera. The touch-screen on the scanner shows you what it is capturing in real time, at up to 10 frames per second.

Built-in Battery

The embedded rechargeable battery allows up to 1 hour continuous scanning.

No wires

Most 3D scanners have at least two wires: one going to a computer and another one for power. Thor3D scanners don’t need any wires at all.

Touch Screen

Thor3D has a built-in touch screen, so you can begin and stop scanning by pressing a button on that screen and you can see what you are scanning while doing it.

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