1. Increase your buying power - With an upfront purchase, you’re limited by cash on hand. With leasing, that upfront equipment cost is split between manageable payments. You’ll have the new or used equipment your business needs and still have cash available for other business opportunities.

  2. Tailor your lease payments - Your business’s cash flow is unique. Conserve and Control Cash by structuring your payments to meet your monthly, seasonal, semi-annual or even annual business cycles. Equipment leasing saves your working capital (bank lines) for day-to-day business expenses, business expansions, or unexpected business related expenses.

  3. Budgeting - In addition to saving your working capital, with a lease you have a pre-determined monthly line item, which can help you budget more effectively. With predictable monthly expenses you can develop long-term plans for your business with confidence and get your business set up with the equipment you need, while keeping your cash flow available for other expenditures.

  4. Upgrade Outdated Equipment - Stay on top of the latest advances in equipment and technology. How long do you plan to keep the equipment? You determine the length of your lease, so if you work with technology that changes rapidly, you can take on a short lease to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge in your industry. 

  5. Tax Benefits - Lease financing presents your business with potential tax benefits. In many cases, leasing not only provides businesses with a full deduction of lease payments against current earnings, but also preserves working capital that you wouldn’t have access to if you had to purchase your equipment up front. 

  6. More Attractive Balance Sheet - Monthly lease payments are viewed as a business expense instead of long-term debt. Having little debt on your balance sheet helps you secure financing to fund your business.​

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