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Eplus3D Dental Metal 3D Printer EP-M150T can professionally print dental metal crowns, bridges, brackets with improved powder feeding and sieving system enables a high material utilization rate, which is more than 550 crowns printed only by 1kg powder Optimized chamber structure and excellent sealing properties minimize gas consumption


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Eplus3D EP-M150Pro Metal 3D Printer EP Printing Materials

Eplus3D's EP-M150Pro metal 3D printer offers a wide range of materials, including Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, Inconel alloy, Maraging steel, Stainless steel, CoCr, Copper alloy, and more. The Aluminum alloy material provides lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties, suitable for applications in aerospace and automotive industries. The Titanium alloy offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio and biocompatibility, making it ideal for medical implants and aerospace components. Inconel alloy, known for its high-temperature resistance and exceptional mechanical properties, is commonly used in aerospace and gas turbine components. Maraging steel provides high strength with good toughness, suitable for tooling and high-strength component applications. The availability of Stainless steel material offers corrosion resistance and durability, widely utilized in various industrial components. CoCr and Copper alloy provide versatility for medical and thermal management applications, respectively. Eplus3D's EP-M150Pro with this diverse selection of materials caters to a wide range of industries, demonstrating its versatility and capability for advanced metal 3D printing.

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