In the rapidly evolving business world, you need a 3D printer that puts you ahead of the competition.

3D Printer Buyer’s Guide:
2018 Edition

Find the right 3D printer for your business. You know what you need, and this guide will help you select the best 3D printer to get it.

3D Systems printers offer transformative advantages at every phase of creation – from initial concept design to the production of final products.

The most important step is to ensure you identify the right 3D printer technology for your application. 

Which 3D Printer is Right For You?

Identifying your unique requirements within the entire design-to-manufacture process will help you select the best 3D printing technology and optimize its benefits.


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Selecting the right 3D printer for your specific application can be a daunting task. With hundreds of printers utilizing a multitude of different approaches to 3D printing, how do you know you’re selecting the best possible printer for your company’s needs?

When you search the web, you’ll find plenty of information about 3D printers, including reviews and case studies, but you won’t find a guide that breaks down exactly how to think about your needs and maps them to the right 3D printer for you. That’s why we created this new guide for 2018.

Originally launched in 2012, this 3D printer guide has been downloaded by more than 30,000 engineers, designers, artists, executives, and others. But with the ever-changing landscape of 3D printing, it needed a refresh. The 2018 guide is new from the ground up and better than ever!

Here’s what we cover in the 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide:

  • Section 1: Introduction – A brief overview of 3D printing and its five waves of evolution.

  • Section 2: Business considerations – Three key questions to ask yourself about what you expect 3D printing to do for your business.

  • Section 3: Technical considerations – The importance of choosing the right 3D printing approach for your application.

  • Section 4: Evaluation guide – A straightforward set of nine questions to help you find the right 3D Systems printers for your company.

  • Section 5: 3D Systems printer review – A one-page summary of 3D Systems’ broad range of 3D printers.

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