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EviXscan Heavy Duty 3D Scanner

highest versitility accuracy up to 0.007mm

Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions Presents the EviXscan 3D Scanner in Hamilton, Ontario

Unleashing Precision, Power and Performance

Produces high precision results in all environmental and atmospheric conditions. Designed for continuous operation in industry and production lines under conditions of varying temperatures and lighting. The blue structured light source enables scanning of dark objects in outdoor lighting environments. The sealed, anodized aluminum housing protects the scanner internals against accidental mechanical damage, moisture and dust.

Two scanning ranges allow measuring the geometry of complex objects of a wide range of sizes. The scanner is compact, rugged and mobile so that it can scan objects in the most challenging locations. The 3D Heavy Duty Quadro scanner is frequently used by heavy industries to increase efficiency when inspecting and reverse engineering objects. 3D Heavy Duty Quadro is a 3D scanner that can be used underground, in foundries, on production lines and in many other places... also in your company.



Why EviXscan 3D Scanner?

Precision in Every Scan: The EviXscan 3D Scanner stands at the forefront of accuracy. Whether you're capturing the intricate details of a custom component or assessing a complex assembly, this scanner delivers with micron-level precision.


Versatile Applications: From aerospace to automotive, healthcare to heritage preservation, the EviXscan 3D Scanner is versatile enough to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Its ability to accurately scan objects in a wide range of sizes and complexities makes it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to innovate and improve.

Seamless Integration: Designed to complement your existing workflow, the EviXscan 3D Scanner integrates seamlessly with CAD software, allowing for easy editing, analysis, and reverse engineering of scanned data. This smooth integration accelerates your design and manufacturing processes, saving you time and resources.

User-Friendly Operation: With an emphasis on user experience, the EviXscan 3D Scanner combines advanced technology with simplicity. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-use features ensure that professionals can achieve high-quality scans without the steep learning curve.

Robust and Reliable: Built to withstand the demands of industrial environments, the EviXscan 3D Scanner is both robust and reliable. Its durability ensures consistent performance, scan after scan, making it a smart investment for businesses looking to enhance their manufacturing capabilities.

Experience the Difference with Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions

At Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions, we're more than just suppliers. We're partners in innovation, committed to providing the tools, expertise, and support you need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, we're proud to serve as the gateway to advanced manufacturing technologies for Canadian industries.

Discover how the EviXscan 3D Scanner can transform your manufacturing processes. Visit us in Hamilton, Ontario, or contact our team for a demonstration and consultation. Let's build the future of manufacturing together.

Ready to Elevate Your Manufacturing with EviXscan 3D Scanner?

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Embark on a journey of innovation and precision with Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions and the EviXscan 3D Scanner. Your future in advanced manufacturing starts here.

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