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EviXscan 3D FinePrecision

highest versitility accuracy up to 0.006mm

Canadian Additive Manufacturing Solutions Presents the EviXscan 3D Scanner in Hamilton, Ontario

Precision 3D scanning in the smallest detail

The eviXscan 3D FinePrecision scanner incorporates advanced technology to offer precise measurements in intricate applications. It employs the latest generation high-speed cameras equipped with CMOS sensors and a blue LED light source. This combination ensures highly accurate surface reproductions, thanks to the CMOS matrix and LED, we have the ability to scan dark surfaces with even up to 0.006 µm accuracy and a resolution of 28 µm, aligning with VDI/VDE part 2 accuracy standards.

FinePrecision 3D scanner is an essential measuring tool for precision mechanics sectors.

It is particularly beneficial in the manufacturing of turbine blades, microcircuits, and small injection parts, as well as in detailed numerically processed components. 

Its precision makes it invaluable in the medical field for scanning implants and prosthetics, and it is also used in the watchmaking and jewelry industries to capture intricate details. 



Optimized for small objects scanning 

This optical measuring device can collect over 1200 points per square millimeter of scanned area, providing data in volumes of 120 x 60 x 45 mm. The use of blue structured light scanning technology significantly reduces noise from ambient lighting, enhancing scan quality.

A new generation of high-speed cameras, combined with rapid frame collection, reduces scanning time to below one second, enhancing productivity. 

Technical performance 

The eviXacan FinePrecision scanner is equipped with two 8.9 Mpix cameras, ensuring dense data capture.

The high point density of 1,233 pt/mm² facilitates detailed analyses, ideal for inspecting surface micro

-damages and production errors. 

Comprehensive Quality Control applications 

The FinePrecision's small scanning area, combined with high-resolution cameras, enables the detection of minute surface imperfections.

It's an optimal 3D scanner for quality control of every precision parts, allowing detailed analysis and ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards. 

High-quality scans of the sharp edge of an object

The small scanning area in combination with the high-resolution cameras allow for the creation of a scanner with an unsurpassed resolution of 0.028 mm (> 1200 points / mm2). These parameters allow the analysis of surface microdamages, dents occurring during the operation of machines and devices, as well as errors in the production process.

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